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Parent Teacher Association

What is PTA?

What is PTA?

Gibbon PTA
The purpose of the Gibson School PTA is to promote and support the education and welfare all of the students attending Gibson Elementary School. Gibson School PTA strives to support and strengthen relationships and communication between parents, teachers, administrators, and community. Parents provide knowledge, ideas, and voice opinions about school culture and how to support and improve any aspect.

PTA organizes fundraisers and school events. Fundraising is an important and integral part of supporting the student experience at Gibson Elementary. You may enjoy fundraising or perhaps have another talent to share! You may attend PTA meetings, though it is not required, and provide a voice on how funds are used and which decisions are made at your child's school.
PTA Annual Meeting Schedule

PTA Annual Meeting Schedule

Everyone is welcome to attend, but keep in mind that only members can cast a vote!

PTA Executive Members

PTA Executive Members

Gibson Elementary
Board Members 2019-2020
Jenny L. 
Katherine T.
Sarah S.
PTA Discovering Endless Possibilities. Live the Adventure......Join PTA!
When you join PTA you help support your child at school in many different ways.

There are many more benefits to being a member:

Get conected to your school: It's a great way to inform yourself of what is happening at the school. 

Resources: PTA offers a variety programs and resources for parents and students.

Networking: Meet other parents, and teachers, building rapport, and  sharing any issues that affect your child's school.

Volunteering: You can volunteer for your child's school. You can bring you skills and hobbies to the school site to support students and teachers.

Role Model: By being involved at your child's school site, you show your child the importance you place on education

Leadership: Help make decisions at your school that affect children's education.