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If you are interested in volunteering at your child's school (helping in the classroom, driving on field trips, driving students to after school sporting events, etc.) you must be fingerprinted (Live scan form) and cleared by the Department of Justice and also provide proof of TB clearance prior to doing so.  

**You can pick up a Livescan fingerprinting form to complete this process at any school office.**

You must also complete a Volunteer Clearance Information form.  This form is available at your child's school site or can be downloaded at the link below. Please return the completed volunteer form to your school office. After approval by the site principal, the form will be forwarded and processed in Human Resources.  Human Resources will notify the school upon fingerprint clearance.
If driving on a field trip/after school sporting event, there are additional forms to be completed as well. Click link at left for the Transportation forms to be completed.