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PBIS Gator Rewards

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PBIS Gator Rewards

How does Gibson support positive behaviors?
Gibson Gator Students are currently participating in Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program (PBIS). We are so excited for our current student learners and educators who support our students daily. Below is more information regarding the exciting things our gator students are doing to become great students and citizens of our community.
How it works?
Teachers at our school all have had PBIS training, and are familiar with the PBIS program. Teachers reward students appropriately when they are doing positive behaviors within classrooms, recess, lunch and afterschool. They receive points through our virtual program called PBISRewards. 
How are students supported?
All teachers have worked collaboratively with their teams to develop grade appropriate rewards for students. Rewards could be as simple as getting a sticker or a t-shirt or having lunch with a teacher. 
How do students claim prizes?
Students can claim prizes using their points through either the school virtual store or they can redeem from their teacher's virtual stores. These prizes include tangible items as well as privileges.