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Gibson Elementary
312 Gibson Elementary
Woodland, CA 95695
Phone: (530) 662-3944
Fax: (530) 662-0945

Our Principal

Ms. JaimeAnn Hopton, Principal

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Ms. JaimeAnn Hopton, Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians of our Great Gibson Gators, 

Welcome to the 20-21 school year! It is an honor for me to continue to be part of this community and I could not be more excited about continuing my journey in education here in Woodland. 

This year will definitely look different from those in the past, but the staff and I are looking forward to meeting the challenges that this pandemic has brought us in order to bring you and your student an outstanding educational experience. 

Our success will be dependent on our ability to come together as a community and commit to the success of every child, regardless of our learning platform. Our staff will be focused on: RELATIONSHIPS, COMMUNICATION, and INSTRUCTION with ENGAGEMENT. With these three areas in the forefront of everything we do, we hope to make every classroom a place where students feel loved, supported, and successful. 
Our first two weeks of the school year will be all about getting to know our students, discovering how they learn best, and establishing respect and RELATIONSHIPS between teachers and student, and student to student. Part of this includes providing more time live on screen than during Spring in order to build better connections.   

We will continue to improve COMMUNICATION this year. Parents are a pivotal piece to our success every year, but this year more than ever before. We are striving for fast, frequent, and meaningful messages. We have an active school Facebook group where we can share information with our families and share posts from our valued Gibson PTA. I will continue to deliver a weekly message on Sundays using ParentSquare (new to us this year!), which will be translated into Spanish as well. In order to set virtual learning apart from the distance learning of Spring, we will also strive for timely feedback to parents about student achievement. 

Lastly, as a school committed to preparing & empowering students for a future of possibilities, we will focus on INSTRUCTION. This means continuing to improve our practices through professional development (books by Marzano, Fischer, Frey and Hattie), engaging all learners in a virtual platform both synchronous (live and at the same time) and asynchronously (not live), and assessing for learning.
Book Covers - Art and Science of Teaching, The Energy Bus, and Distance Learning Playbook
This year will definitely come with its challenges, but through our strength, commitment and determination, we will make this a great year for our community!


Ms. JaimeAnn Hopton, Principal 

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