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Gibson Elementary
312 Gibson Elementary
Woodland, CA 95695
Phone: (530) 662-3944
Fax: (530) 662-0945

Our Principal

Ms. JaimeAnn Hopton, Principal

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Dear Parents and Guardians of our great Gibson Gators, 


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! It is an honor for me to be part of this community and I could not be more excited about continuing my journey in education here in Woodland. 


I’d like to start this year with celebrating the growth our students made last year. Our students in grades 3-6 showed amazing growth in English-Language Arts based on the results of the state test, and many of our multilingual students showed proficiency in English.  Contributing to their success was the support of parents like you, helping students to get to school each day on time, and encouraging them to do their personal best. Our staff focused on: collaborating with one another to bring their best instruction to the classroom with every lesson, dedicated and integrated English-Language Development, and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. It worked, so we are back at it this year! 


This year, we will focus on improving COMMUNICATION. We are striving for fast, frequent, and meaningful messages. We’ve created a school Facebook page where we can share information with our families and share posts from our valued Gibson PTA. Give us a like! I will continue to deliver a weekly message on Sundays via phone and email, which our parent liaison will translate into Spanish as well. We are looking to up our game with flyers and banners, too! 


Another area of focus for Gibson will be our COMMUNITY. This includes serving you with good customer service, and providing opportunities for our families to be a part of the school through volunteering and visiting campus for a variety of school events. 



Lastly, as a school committed to preparing and empowering students for a future of possibilities, we will focus on INSTRUCTION. This means continuing to improve our practices, building a master schedule that honors time for ELD, minimizing disruptions and maximizing instruction time, and building strong teacher-student relationships.  


If you are looking for ideas on how to support your student this year, I recommend POSITIVE ATTENDANCE! Getting your student to school each day and on time reduces barriers to learning and increases high school graduation rates. Apart from positive attendance, I recommend READING together. Have your student read out loud to you in the car while you drive, then ask your student questions about what they read. Read to them at any available opportunity. You can pick a book, then they pick a book, etc. It can even be a comic book, a newspaper article, or a menu. Reading rocks!


Included in the first day packet is the emergency card and other important items that must be returned by Friday, August 23rd. Providing us with updated contact information, including your email addresses, is crucial. We need to know how to reach you.  Students who return their completed packet by Friday will receive a Gator Green for being responsible. The first two classes (one TK-3 class and one 4-6 class)  to turn in all of their completed packets by Friday will receive an extra special recess with me of their choosing (dance party, Hungry Hippos game, etc.) 


If you have any questions about the forms in this packet, please reach out to us. We are here to help. 



Ms. JaimeAnn Hopton, Principal 

Welcome Back Letter from Ms. Hopton

Welcome_Back_Letter_from_Ms._Hopton_ iconWelcome Back Letter from Ms. Hopton title