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AERIES Portal Program

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The Woodland Joint Unified School District would like you to register for our Parent Portal, which is our primary way of communicating with parents. Using the parent portal, you can send and receive messages in your language of choice with the teachers and staff at your child’s school. You can also view up-to-date grades, attendance, student progress towards graduation requirements, as well as other general student information. Please note grades are only available for Middle School and High School students. Progress towards graduation requirements are only available for High School Students. 

In order to create a new account, you will need a valid email account and three pieces of data for this process. To protect each student’s privacy, you will need two pieces of information, the student’s Verification Passcode or “VPC” and the primary telephone number found below.  You will need a third piece of data, your child’s student ID number (their lunch number) in order to properly set up your account.


WJUSD is excited to enhance positive and proactive two-way communication between our teachers and families. Make sure you register your ParentSquare account. 
 If you’re having problems creating your Aeries Parent account, contact the Gibson Front Office at 530-662-3944. 
If problems persist, contact Janet Garcia at (530) 406-3259 or email at
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Aeries Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What is the website address to create an account and access the parent web portal?
What web browsers are supported in this Aeries Portal?
Chrome and Firefox – Recommended
Internet Explorer – Supported
Safari and Opera – not supported
Whom do I contact for help?

Call your school’s front office to verify contact information and basic questions. If problems persist, email district support at: or (530) 406-3259.  Also, on the webpage, there is a link to Report an Issue. Fill out the form to tell us about the issue you are having and we will follow up with you.

I don’t have a computer. How can I access this information?
Aeries is fully accessible via any internet connected device, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, each school site has a computer in the office which is available for parents to use.

I have more than one child at different schools in the District. Do I have to create multiple accounts?
Parents can choose to setup an account individually or have one account for their family. Using the unique code per student. All children can be linked to the same parent portal account.

Linking to additional student: Once you have created an account for one student in your family, you may link to your other children through Aeries Portal by clicking on the CURRENT STUDENT drop down menu selector at the top right hand side of the homepage and click the link to “Add Additional Student Not Currently Listed”. You will need to provide a separate Permanent ID number, telephone number, and VPC for each additional student. One final note: Be sure that the browser being used is set to refresh each page with each visit so that the most recent data is always what your computer displays.

Do parents need to create an account every year?
No. This is a one-time process. If you have another child that enters the district, you will be able to add them to your existing account. However, a process called "Online Data Confirmation" will be required each year, which includes an update of contact information, health information, acknowledgements, address verification and more. 

What if I see incorrect information on my student’s account (i.e., a phone number or address)? What if I move during the school year?
The information that you see in the Portal is what the school has currently on file.  If you see contact or address information that is incorrect or needs to be changed due to a recent move, contact your child’s school. School office staff will make changes to phone numbers or address (with proper documentation).  Once those changes are made in school Aeries, they will show in your portal account.

Can I set up email notifications for regular updates?
There is the ability to set up a weekly notification about student progress in the options link in the Aeries portal.