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Transitional Kindergarten

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What is Transitional Kindergarten?

Transitional Kindergarten is an important step in a child's education. Is helps support and get students ready for kindergarten. When a child enters transitional kindergarten it is one of the most important changes in a child's life. Children leave the home for a long period of time and are exposed to different routines and activities. Your child begins to learn new sets of rules and learns to adjust to different peer groups, different schedules such as riding a bus, walking to school with siblings, and meeting new adults. Transitional kinder can be stressful for kids but the transition to kindergarten is smoother, and your child will show less signs of stress.

What are the benefits of Transitional Kindergarten?

Some of the most beneficial benefits is seeing your child grow emotionally, and academically. Children who enter transitional kinder show greater self confidence, better relationship building with peers and adults, and increased motivation and open to new academic experiences.

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Why is kindergarten important?

Kindergarten is important because students become academic learners. This is where students get the foundations for math, phonics, and comprehension of literature. In addition, student understand that writing is another form of communication. Kids grow not just emotionally but academically. In addition children learn to use their motor skills through play, art, music, and collaborating with other students to develop skills in reading and mathematics.